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We provide consulting services for project owners, architecture firms and construction companies, assisting and guiding them from the project´s conception and design to its final completion and certification.


What we offer

We evaluate existing projects and provide comprehensive solutions that allow them to achieve their sustainability goals, comply with local and international sustainable construction and reach their certifications objectives.

Certification feasibility assessment for a diverse range of systems: LEED, WELL, SITES, EDGE.
Environmental Impact
Environmental performance pre and post-development.
Energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption.
Environmental audits
for companies.

Certification feasibility assessment for a diverse range of systems:

Environmental performance:

If your company is not interested in achieving a certification but is aiming at improving its environmental performance and incoporate environmental best practices in construction, production, design or management processes, we can help you reach your goals:


We provide environmental education services in a wide range of courses and seminars for companies, professional organizations and private and public organizations. We can help you create environmental awareness and include sustainable practices in your organization’s daily activities, keep your staff and professionals up to date with sustainability best practices, regulations and international certifications for design, construction, operation and maintenance.

We provide courses, seminars and trainings, in-person or online, catered to your organization´s specific needs.